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What our customers are saying...

Patrick M.
As a purchasing professional, I strive to find the best value and quality for any project I plan. When we purchased a new home I was fortunate to find Storti Painting and was very impressed with Jack's varied skill set and work ethic. We have used his services several times as new projects arise. I can guarantee that when your project is completed you will not only be happy with the quality of the work, you will look for other painting projects for his company to take on as well!

Deidre and Keith A.
Jack is our favorite contractor!  We have an old home so our walls needed a lot of care.  Jack worked meticulously in his prep to make sure that every little imperfection in the walls received attention -- now, our walls almost look like new!   Plus, he's got a great eye -- if you ever need a second opinion on your color choices, ask Jack!

Martha D.
I've hired Jack's company several times over the last few years. Until this summer all were interior jobs. This summer I hired him to paint the exterior of my home. The color was a drastic change - I went from red to grayish green and I was a bit concerned about how the old color would cover. It looks beautiful! I highly recommend J.A. Storting Painting Co. for any painting needs you have. Their work is impeccable. My neighbors were so impressed, he's already been hired to paint some other houses in the neighborhood!

John F.
We have an older home and the original walls are not in great shape. Jack's company has painted several rooms for us over the last 2 years. His wall preparation and repair skills are second to none. Every time we have any kind of job - interior rooms, power washing, deck staining, exterior porches, we call J. A. Storti Painting. The results are outstanding and the prices are more than reasonable.

Jack recently assisted me with upgrades to my home while I was prepping it to go on the market. I attempted to do some of the painting myself - I thought I was pretty good at it, but even with all my taping and drop cloths I still got some paint on the ceiling and woodwork.  I hired Jack and once I saw how he painted, I couldn’t believe the difference! He not only painted 5 x faster than me but he uses no tape and makes a perfect line every time. He even went around and fixed as many of my painting errors as he could.

Jack painted porches and hallways, stripped wallpaper, and painted my 50’ combined Kitchen and family room. He brought swatches for me to review and he selected a color that was “transitional” from Benjamin Moore, and although I wasn’t keen on it at first, I see he was right as it works perfectly to blend the various connecting rooms. After seeing the results of his work I will never attempt to 'do it myself' again. So worth it!

Bob and Kristen G.
We've used J.A. Storti Painting for quite a few jobs.  Not only is Jack’s painting exceptional, his staining is incomparable as well!  We first had a new unfinished door prepped and stained by another painter. What a difference between the doors. Jack’s look perfect! The color is flawless and they’re so smooth to the touch compared to the other door done by the first painter.

Jack has also painted furniture for us. He knew exactly what products to use and the furniture looks like it was factory painted! Perfect again. Not only does Jack do a great job painting and staining, he has a wide knowledge of color! Selecting the “right” color can sometimes be stressful and overwhelming. Jack was so patient and helpful. He helped us choose from the right color palettes to transform our rooms.

Jack was always professional, timely and spotless. After having many contractors in our home it’s nice to have someone who respects your home and leaves his workspace immaculate! We would, and do, recommend Jack for any of your painting needs!

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